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Eight ways to make your staff more productive

Productivity consultant Cory Cook provides advice for small-business owners. Cory Cook (right) is a leading expert on increasing productivity through improved time management and better use of workspace. “There’s no one-size-fits-all productivity solution,” she smiles.


The business benefits of team building activities

Expert Richard Lowe talks about the business benefits of teambuilding. Team building activities come in all shapes and sizes, from simple problem-solving challenges in the office to more elaborate and energetic away-days. But for most


How we started selling to customers overseas

Shaun Oakes of Newcastle-based ievo offers advice on how to become an exporter. Newcastle-based ievo Ltd operates in the biometrics sector, making cutting edge fingerprint readers for security access systems.

How we manage and motivate our staff

Paula Thomas of Trimmers hairdressers on how she motivates her employees. Hairdressing can be a tiring occupation, with many hours spent on your feet. Yet staff must be well motivated

How to carry out staff appraisals

Cathy O’Donoghue of consultancy HR Champions shares her insight. If employees are to contribute fully to your business, they must maintain focus and motivation, understand your expectations and know how