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Creating a valuable business

Running your business involves taking hundreds of actions every day, whether negotiating a sale, recruiting a new employee or complaining to a supplier. Much of the working day is spent

Increasing profitability

Building long-term profitability allows you to grow your business and the personal rewards you get from it. Creating and increasing profitability depends on doing many little things better than the

Planning your marketing

Successful marketing ensures that you have identified your customers’ needs, and worked out the best way to satisfy them profitably. You need a marketing strategy based on understanding your market

Setting up a website - checklist

You need a new website. Before you go bowling in, following these steps can help ensure you get your website right first time. Set your objectives. For example: marketing to


Design is not just about the way products and brochures look. It is an essential part of improving your business, developing new products and innovating. Effective use of design can


In a world of change and competition, innovating is not a luxury - it is essential. All businesses need to innovate, though it may take any number of forms, from

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps improve the performance of your website in search engines, making it more likely that people will find and visit your website. Effective search optimisation needs