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Identifying training needs - checklist

Read our tips on keeping your staff trained so they can carry out their jobs effectively and with a minimum of stress. Review your business objectives and identify critical activities.

Delegating effectively - checklist

It’s not possible to do everything yourself - and it isn’t good for employee satisfaction either. Here’s how to delegate tasks successfully. Review each task on your to-do list. Consider

Getting a grant - checklist

Your business might be entitled to claim a grant if it carries out eligible projects or operates in a particular area. Here’s how to identify a scheme and apply for

Drawing up a budget - checklist

A helpful checklist on drawing up your business budget, including what to put in it and who to involve in the process. Involve employees who will be responsible for the

Controlling a budget - checklist

Staying on top of your finances is vital if you want your business to succeed. Read our handy hints on controlling your budget. Make sure the budget you have prepared

Price your product or service

Your prices can have a dramatic effect on sales and profits. The right prices need to be low enough to be competitive while still being high enough to protect your