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SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business faces. By focusing on the key factors affecting your business, now and in the future, a

Stress management

Work-related stress affects both employers and employees. Managing workplace stress can reduce illness and absenteeism, improve workplace relations and productivity, and help you avoid making bad business decisions. The cost


Good preparation, clear objectives and an awareness of common pitfalls are all you need. They will remove the need for inspiration or dazzling technique and provide the basis for purposeful,

Benchmarking - checklist

Benchmarking provides a useful way to measure how effective your processes are, compared to competitors. Here’s how to start benchmarking in your business. Select one or two important activities to


Whether you are the managing director or a shift leader, the way you lead is the single biggest success factor for everyone you work with. Aim to make the most

Managing your sales team

Getting the most out of your sales team is an essential part of ensuring your business achieves its full potential. Salespeople operate in a stressful environment where they are exposed

Controlling stock - checklist

Poor stock control can lead to inefficiency in supplying customers, increased storage costs and product wastage. Here’s how to control your stock levels. Identify and list the different items you

Incentive pay

Incentive pay can be a good way to recognise and encourage employees, motivating them to work better for your business. A badly thought-out scheme, on the other hand, can be