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Negotiating a purchase - checklist

Many people are unsure when it comes to negotiating purchases - but you could be allowing suppliers to walk all over you. Read our tips on negotiating with a smile

Purchasing effectively - checklist

Effective purchasing practices can make the difference between business profit and loss. Our helpful checklist explains how to get the best from your purchases. Make purchasing part of business planning

Your sales strategy

Your sales strategy identifies which customers your business is targeting, how you will reach them, and how you will convince them to buy from you. It sets out your sales

Sales presentations

A presentation is an ideal opportunity to make a sale. You have a captive audience and far more flexibility than in a simple sales letter or phone call. Although many

Preparing your sales pitch - checklist

Selling can be intimidating, but our useful checklist will help you prepare to persuade the customer, overcome objections and close the sale Find out which services or products the customer

Negotiating a sale - checklist

From preparing yourself and clarifying your objectives to realising the importance of listening, learn how to improve your negotiating skills. Before the negotiation begins, prepare yourself; aim to appear keen

Preparing a marketing plan - checklist

From describing your market and researching customers to preparing sales forecasts and budgets, learn how to create a marketing plan. Describe your market and the characteristics and size of each