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Market and sell overseas

Expanding into overseas markets can offer exciting growth prospects. But marketing and selling overseas is a demanding undertaking. You need to plan your strategy, including deciding whether to sell directly

Plan and budget for growth

Business planning is particularly important for businesses targeting high rates of growth. You need to be able to respond immediately to developments in what are often young and fast-moving sectors.

Get key business strategies right

Business owners must remain focused on the key issues that ultimately determine success or failure. With dozens of different tasks competing for your time, you need to identify activities that

Creating a brand

Having a brand helps differentiate your business from competing firms and build customer loyalty. Branding isn’t just for multinationals with huge budgets. Small and medium-sized firms can create an effective

Market research

Market research helps you understand your competitive position, spot opportunities, reduce risks and make better decisions. Existing sources, your own research and, if necessary, expert help can help you find

Your money and your business

As the owner-manager of a small or medium enterprise, your own financial affairs are likely to be closely entwined with the way you run your business. You should think about

Marketing with your database

Databases make customer information easy to handle, helping to improve service and strengthen relationships. A well-designed database makes it much easier to find, analyse and use the information you have.

Creating a valuable business

Hundreds of everyday actions affect the performance of your business, whether you are negotiating a sale, recruiting a new employee or complaining to a supplier. Much of the working day