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The road to business innovation success

Can you design an innovative business? Perhaps not, but you can handpick an innovative team, and that’s often all you need Business innovation - an organisation’s process for introducing ideas,

Tech that’s transforming the workplace

​Embracing new technology can make the people in a business faster, better, stronger and can help revolutionise a workplace Over the past two decades the unstoppable march of technology has

Seven ways to improve your office space

Changing your work environment could be the key to better performance, improved staff morale and company image Lee Penson, founder and CEO of Penson - the super-innovative commercial architectural firm

Business rate reform in the balance

There are concerns that the Government is planning to water down its much-anticipated reform of business rates, due to be unveiled in next month’s budget. Business groups have called for

Misconceptions hold back would-be apprentices

Worries about pay and fears about committing to a career for life are stopping young people from taking up apprenticeships according to a new study. Positive Outcomes, a Government-funded apprenticeships