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Also in the news this week - 8 April 2016

No thank you: why employees feel unappreciated A new survey has found that two-thirds of employees feel unappreciated at work. The poll, conducted by Podium Designs, found that only 32%

Know your audience

How do you connect with people in the room? Jim Steele and Helen Sewell explain the importance of tailoring your message to your audience and how eye contact engages people.

Realigning body language habits

How do you step into a room and own it? Body Language expert Helen Sewell shows how your hands convey confidence, and how a firm stance creates impact. Body language

The art of the pitch

How do you sell like you’re not selling? Pitching expert Jim Steele shares four key questions that you must answer to influence and persuade your audience. Many people have the

The importance of storytelling

How do you make your message more memorable? Storytelling expert Matt Locke explains how to tell stories that people want to share, and why the story’s ending is vital. Stories