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Businesses must do more to be GDPR compliant

Half of consumers have yet to receive any emails from brands asking for permission to use their information, as new data regulation draws closer.

GDPR regulation will become law on 25 May this year. It states that brands must get explicit permission from customers to use their data for communication activities such as email marketing.

However, research by Databoxer has found that 49% of consumers have not had any emails from businesses asking permission to continue using their personal data in accordance with upcoming GDPR regulation.

Only one third (34%) of consumers said they had recently received emails from brands asking for consent.

Given that the average consumer is signed up to 12 marketing email lists (according to figures from the Direct Marketing Association), it means that many businesses in the UK are still not GDPR compliant.

On a more positive note, the research shows that among those consumers who have received permission emails, 63% responded by allowing brands to continue to use their data, compared to 37% who declined.

Tim Haynes, co-founder of Databoxer, said: “Our research clearly shows that brands still don’t know where to start when it comes to getting permission from consumers to use their data.”

The process of getting permission, in accordance with GDPR, will have a profound effect on the way businesses get in touch with their audiences says Databoxer.

“The GDPR doesn’t mean that you have to completely rip up your marketing mailing lists,” said Haynes. “If anything, the regulation will help you weed out those who really have no interest in your communications. That said, repermissioning is a hugely important task for businesses right now. I’d strongly advise businesses start a repermissioning campaign ahead of the GDPR date.”