Expert View : Q & A

How to use Instagram for your business

Jen Ronan, Instagram head of small business EMEA, explains why so many small firms are using the hugely popular image and video-sharing platform and offers her top tips on how

Q&A: Paid social media

Digital marketing expert, Aydin Moghaddam, of media and marketing agency Mindshare UK, explains the business benefits of paid social media What is “paid social media”? Aydin Moghaddam (AM): “It means

Q&A: Accepting card payments

Matthew Hall, HSBC Head Of Corporate Payment Card Solutions – Business Banking, makes the business case for accepting card payments According to The UK Cards Association, debit and credit cards

How to cut costs in a small business

Advice from Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam of Cranfield School of Management Minimising your spending should be a key priority if your business cash flow is to remain healthy. You must continually